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Belle - Attraction (Radio Version)

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Swedish poppet Belle claims the limelight again. The new single, which via a new contract is distributed world wide, is written by the same team and this time Belle is singing about visualising a positive future; the law of attraction. - Yes, I do believe in the law of attraction, Belle says. Since a goal without a plan is only a dream it's powerful to visualise it, to see and feel it happen. The song is also about physical attraction. Something Belle is comfortable singing about; - I'm not afraid of taking the first step if I'm attracted to someone. You don't get anywhere stuck in a corner. I guess I'm a go-getter both in private and as a creative person. "Attraction" came about when Mike Moorish played Linda Sonnvik some edgy glitch hop a sunny day during a hangover. Sonnvik wondered why people didn't make melodic pop of the great sound and Mike wasn't late to stir up a sexy track which she top lined. Thomas Karlsson was brought in to add a cheeky pop flavour, since that's the Belle formula! In only a couple of weeks Belle treats You with a remixed edition of "Attraction" and we will see her live around Sweden. Last we heard from her she sang about girl power in "Sister's Anthem". Belle topped electronic iTunes Sweden with both the original and SoundFactory's hit remix, danced into Swedish Dance Chart, opened Stockholm Pride and released a fat 18 track remix package that reached success on floors in Hollywood, Italian television



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